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How It Works

It all starts when you create a raffle.

Creating a raffle involves 4 easy steps.

  • Decide what prize you will giveaway.
  • Determine the raffle Start date and Stop date.
  • Assign tasks that entrants must complete to earn entry tickets to the raffle.
  • Generate a random winner!
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Once the raffle is created

  • RaffleDash willl generate a Widget for the raffle.
  • Put the Widget code in any web page that accepts HTML. The RaffleDash widget collects information from the entrants.
  • The widget keeps track of who did what. You'll be able to view all the information from your dashboard.
  • If you don't want to use the widget, then use Raffledash widget hosting. Or use both!
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Inform your friends

This is where the magic happens.
You tell your friends about the raffle.
They engage with the raffle tasks.
Tasks may include Sending a Twitter Tweet, Liking a Facebook fan page, Pinning a Pinterest Image, subscribing to your email list and so on.
Every time someone completes a task, other people will be able to see their actions.
Something small can snowball into something big.
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Award the prize

Once the raffle ends, it will be time to announce the winner. RaffleDash created a random algorithm that generates a random winner. Just press a button and a random winner will be generated.

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