Online raffle platform

Keeps track of thousands of entrants

Provides real time reports

Generates random winners
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Online Raffles Made Easy

RaffleDash enables you to conduct online raffles.
Conducting a Raffle is simple and lightning fast with RaffleDash.
RaffleDash streamlined the entire process, allowing you to focus on your business.
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Prize incentives create buzz!

Almost everyone loves to enter a giveaway. For a small effort of their time, raffle entrants get a chance to win a prize. It's fun and eveyone wins. Raffle entrants may interact with social media, join an email list and more. When entrants complete tasks, they increase interaction with your promotion, this helps promote your product or service.
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Raise Awareness

RaffleDash raises visability, engagement and awareness. Unlike traditional raffles, RaffleDash is not used to raise money. Instead of raising money, RaffleDash is used to raise awareness about your product or service.
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Raffle syn·o·nyms

When you conduct a raffle at RaffleDash, you'll hear words that have been used in traditional raffles.

RaffleDash uses the words Raffle, Giveaway and Promotion to mean basically the same thing.

The words Entries and Tickets also mean the same thing at RaffleDash.

So if someone completed a few tasks, you can say:
They earned 10 tickets to the raffle.
Or you can say:
They earned 10 entires to the giveaway.
It's basically the same thing.

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