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Randomly, find someone who posted a comment on your Youtube video, instantly

What is Youtube Random Comment Picker?

  • Youtube Random Comment Picker allows you to hold a Contest or Giveaway to reward users who comment on your video.
  • It's used to pick a random comment from your Youtube video commets.
  • If a user enters more than one comment, they only appear once in the list. This gives all users an equal chance of being selected.

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How to use Youtube Comment Picker

How to get the URL of the video

you can get the URL from the Youtube Phone App or any Browser

Get the URL from the Youtube phone app
  • From the Youtube app, choose your video
  • Click the Share Icon and choose link, the link is now copied.
  • Now that the link is copied, just Paste it in the edit box

Get the URL from any Browser
  • From the Youtube page, choose your video
  • Copy the url from the Share button

    you can also copy the url from the browser Address Bar
    Press Ctrl+L to highlight the URL, and then Ctrl+C (for the Mac, Command+C) to copy it to the clipboard.
    Press Ctrl+V (for the Mac, Command+C) to paste the URL into the edit box

  • Now that the link is copied, just Paste it in the edit box